Wireless Car Charger

Power Up Your Drive Safely with the ZEEHOO PowerDrive CC54 Wireless Car Charger

ZEEHOO auto sense wireless car charger cc54 with smart sensor for safety charging

Long gone are the days of fumbling with cords and battling messy car mounts. The ZEEHOO PowerDrive CC54 wireless car charger offers a convenient and stylish solution to keep your phone charged on the go. This user-friendly charger boasts a range of features designed to streamline your driving experience.

Effortless Charging with Smart Sensor Technology

The ZEEHOO’s PowerDrive CC54 eliminates the need for manual adjustments. Its built-in smart sensor automatically detects your phone upon placement and triggers the cradle to securely close around it. Releasing your phone is just as easy – a simple tap on the button unlocks the cradle for quick retrieval.

ZEEHOO wireless car charger cc54 with smart sensor

Lightning-Fast Charging to Keep You Connected

Equipped with 15W fast charging capabilities, the ZEEHOO PowerDrive CC54 delivers a significant power boost in a short time. This means you can gain an hour’s worth of usage with just a 10-minute charge, keeping you connected and powered throughout your journey.

ZEEHOO wireless car charger cc54 with 15w fast charging

Power-Off Delay for Seamless Transitions

The ZEEHOO PowerDrive CC54 prioritizes convenience. Even after your car turns off, the release button remains operational for 5-10 uses. This thoughtful feature eliminates the frustration of a locked phone due to a sudden power interruption.

ZEEHOO wireless car charger cc54 with power-off delay

Find Your Perfect Viewing Angle

The ZEEHOO PowerDrive CC54 ensures optimal viewing no matter your preference. Its 220° adjustable bracket allows you to tilt your phone to your ideal angle, while the 360° base rotation lets you switch between landscape or portrait mode with ease.

ZEEHOO wireless car charger cc54 is fully adjustable and 360 degree rotation

Universal Compatibility for Hassle-Free Use

The ZEEHOO’s PowerDrive CC54 embraces inclusivity. Its adjustable cradle arms and bottom foot can be extended to accommodate all common phone sizes in the market. Additionally, it boasts universal device compatibility, working seamlessly with iPhones, Samsungs, Googles, and any Qi-enabled phone.

ZEEHOO wireless car charger cc54 is universal size compatible

Upgrade Your Drive with ZEEHOO PowerDrive CC54

The ZEEHOO PowerDrive CC54 wireless car charger is more than just a charging solution – it’s a driving companion that enhances convenience and safety. With its smart sensor technology, fast charging capabilities, power-off delay, and adjustable viewing angles, the ZEEHOO’s PowerDrive CC54 keeps your phone powered and accessible while you focus on the road.

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