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Established in 2016, ZEEHOO embarked on a journey fueled by a singular vision: to pioneer the safest and most hassle-free charging solutions, ultimately enriching the lives of our valued customers and enabling them to embrace simplicity in every aspect. We take pride in our unwavering commitment to quality, which is demonstrated through our successful attainment of prestigious certifications such as RoHS, CE, ISO, and FCC. Our RoHS certification stands as a testament to our dedication to crafting products with materials that are not only safe and non-toxic but also contribute to creating a greener, more eco-friendly environment.

It all began back in 2010. Smartphones were just starting to take off and navigation apps were becoming a part of everyday life. The concept was simple, but innovative: design a product that makes navigating on your smartphone while driving safer and easier. From this novel idea came a line of best-selling car mounts.

Over the years, we’ve continued to innovate, bringing modern tech into the hands of consumers in easy-to-use, accessible ways. We’ve expanded our line to include wireless chargers, power banks, and a dash cam all while staying true to our core beliefs: investing in people, creating quality products, staying curious, and never limiting ourselves, our vision, or the possibilities of our designs.

zeehoo power drive wireless car charger with air vent mount
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At ZEEHOO, our team of passionate individuals stands at the forefront of our achievements. Their unwavering dedication, unyielding spirit, and boundless creativity fuel our constant pursuit of perfection. Through collaboration and a shared vision, we continue to break barriers and redefine the boundaries of what is possible, propelling us towards a future where convenience and innovation coexist harmoniously. As we reflect on our journey so far, we remain resolute in our commitment to transforming lives through exceptional charging solutions. Together, we embrace the challenges of tomorrow, confident in our ability to drive progress and make a lasting impact in the lives of our customers, one simple, seamless charging experience at a time.


Charge Your Roads, Not Warm The Earth

At our company, we are committed to developing innovative solutions to address global warming. That's why thermal efficiency is a key priority across all our product lines, including our new ICE BLock car charger series.
By keeping phones icy cold during charging, the ICE BLock car charge prevents overheating so phones can charge efficiently without wasted energy and excess heat. Its intelligent temperature control and adaptive cooling channels protect phones and batteries from high heat damage. This increased battery longevity means fewer discarded electronics over time, reducing the environmental harm of electronic waste.
By cutting waste, improving efficiency, and reducing the carbon footprint of charging, our ICE BLock series car charger promotes sustainability and helps us combat climate change. Its innovative thermal management demonstrates our commitment to developing green solutions that are cooling our planet, not warming it.

Driven by our unwavering dedication to excellence, we have garnered the heartfelt praise of over 50 million families across the globe. Each testimonial is a testament to our unwavering focus on customer satisfaction, as we continually strive to exceed expectations and bring joy and convenience to households worldwide. Beyond the accolades, our success lies in our ability to blend innovation with practicality. We have consistently demonstrated our expertise in understanding the evolving needs of our customers and translating them into user-friendly solutions that seamlessly integrate into their lives. By harnessing the power of cutting-edge technology, we have empowered individuals to stay connected, productive, and inspired in a rapidly changing world.