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Starting as a simple phone holder, we continuously tackled challenges, improved our products, and prioritized safety.We remain committed to environmental protection and sustainable development.

At ZEEHOO, safety comes first, and our journey reflects our unwavering dedication to innovation, safety, and sustainability.

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ZEEHOO CubeTrick X 3in1 Wireless Charging Station with 15w fast charging and Fit MagSafe


At our heart, we're on a mission to simplify your life with safe, reliable, and efficient charging solutions that evolve alongside your needs


Striving to be the world's foremost provider of charging solutions, envisioning a future where everyone experiences the simplicity of safe, reliable, and efficient power



Ensuring user and device safety is paramount.


Delivering products that users can depend on.


Making charging fast and hassle-free.


Commitment to environmentally responsible practices.


Striving for continuous improvement and technological advancement.


Focusing on meeting users' needs and preferences.


Simplifying life through intuitive and user-friendly solutions.

Connected Living

Enhance people's lives by keeping them always powered up.

How We Get Here

The Story of ZEEHOO


More Elegant Cooling Tech

In 2023, we continued to innovate, introducing the elegantly designed IC90.

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zeehoo magnetic wireless car charger IC90

Magic with Cooling Tech: IC80s

In 2022, we integrated our latest cooling technology into the magnetic product line with IC80s.

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zeehoo magnetic wireless car charger IC80S with cooling tech to prevent overheating

Magnetic Attraction: IC30s and Beyond

With the launch of iPhone 12, we developed magnetic products, such as IC30s, featuring MagSafe compatibility.

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zeehoo magnetic wireless car charger IC30S is easy to use by snap to charge

The Dawn of True Cooling: CF70

In 2020, we made strides in cooling technology. Recognizing the potential of cooling chips, we combined cooling chips and fans to create CF70, embodying our commitment to environmental sustainability and innovation. CF70 heralded a new era in cooling technology.

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zeehoo wireless car charger with smart sensor and cooling tech to prevent overheating

Innovations in Cooling Technology: CDC40 and Beyond

During wireless charging, excessive heat can lead to energy loss. Our initial solution involved temperature control using Negative-Positive-Zero (NPO) capacitors, maintaining charging efficiency and reducing energy waste. This technology found its way into CDC40, delivering excellent results. We also experimented with cooling fans and introduced CF30, using fans to dissipate heat and control temperatures during charging.

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ZEEHOO wireless car charger has dual coils and upgraded temperature control tech

Commitment to Sustainability: The Environmental Challenge

In October 2018, the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change issued a report urging action to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius. Inspired by this, we set new goals. Building upon our focus on safety and charging efficiency, we aimed to contribute to the low-carbon cause.

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zeehoo wireless car charger is eco-friendly

Continuous Improvement: CDC40 for Efficiency

In 2018, we delved deeper into charging efficiency, developing CDC40 with dual-coil technology. This innovation doubled charging efficiency and eliminated the hassle of precise phone alignment.

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zeehoo wirless car charger with smart sensor and dual coils for fast charging

Listening to Our Users: CC54 Upgrades

In 2017, based on extensive user feedback, we made significant upgrades to CC54.

  • 15W output power, a 30-minute drive could provide hours of phone usage.
  • Power-Off delay, an internal capacitor to allow the clamping arm to release even after the power was cut

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zeehoo wireless car charger cc54 with smart sensor

Safety First: The Birth of CC54

Safety is paramount when driving. Our phones needed to be secure, preventing them from falling. After extensive research and testing, we introduced our flagship product, CC54, early in 2016. It featured a sturdy vent clip and an intelligent clamping arm, ensuring your phone stayed securely in place. Drivers could focus on the road without worrying about their phones. We also added wireless charging functionality, making CC54 more than just a phone holder. CC54 addressed two core driving needs: phone placement and battery anxiety.

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zeehoo best selling wireless car charger
The inception of ZEEHOO

Finding the Perfect Spot for Your Phone

In 2016, smartphones had become indispensable in our lives. We carried them everywhere, but our cars didn't have a suitable place for them. That's when the idea struck us: find the perfect spot for your phone while driving.

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zeehoo's car charger is million drivers choice

Power Your Tech,
Protect the Environment

1,667,080 kg of CO2-equivalent emissions already offset through ClimatePartner. Reduce your carbon footprint by pairing your tech with ZEEHOO accessories.